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What We Do

  Tetzlaff Law was founded to meet and flexibly respond to the needs of both our longterm and new clients, without the costs and overhead associated with the largest national firms.


  We bring experience for results and will be proud to guide and help you through a wide range of issues, from personal representation to complex litigation and business development.

Financing & Restructuring


    Tetzlaff Law is able to do what the

    biggest national law firms do, for a

    fraction of the cost 


    We know-- because we've led them


    Experience for Results



    General Counsel and Advice






    Your representative... We will show up...

    When you don't want to


    Quarterly and Annual Retainers



  When issues arise, we'll be there to 

  counsel, pursue, and manage your



    Over 120 years of combined experience,

    supported by youthful energy, talent 

    and enthusiasm


    Whatever your case or issue, we will

    either handle it directly or find someone 

    who can


    All courts, all states, all conceivable claims


    Fee arrangements to fit your needs

Insurance Coverage


    Policy Holders are our Clients


    Long record of recoveries where

    coverage has been denied


    Negotiation through Litigation and




    We will guide you and your lobbyists

    through governmental hoops...

    and minefields


    Federal, State, Local




    Medical Cannabis Consulting and 

    Licensing... and Post-Licensing

    Ownership & Operational Issues

Hospitality, Conventions &
Trade Associations


    Serving the needs of Hotels and

    Restaurants... and their owners


    Broad experience with all aspects of  

    Conventions & Tourism


    History of General Counsel for

    dozens of Trade Associations...

    and their managers

Family Office Advice


  We've got tremendous experience and

  relationships to call upon to help meet

  your evolving needs.

Personal Representation


  We take pride in having a flexible 

  approach to the diverse issues our

  clients face over the years.


  You don't need to

  deal with problems alone--

  we can guide you.

What We Do - Litigation
What We Do - Regulatory
What We Do - Family Office & Financing
What We Do - Hospitality
What We Do - Insurance
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