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Ted Tetzlaff - Theodore Tetzlaff, Theodore R. Tetzlaff, Tetzlaff Law Offices - Chicago Lawyer

Ted Tetzlaff

Theodore R. Tetzlaff is among the most prominent Chicago lawyers, having led two of the nation's largest law firms and served as general counsel for multiple multi-billion dollar public companies. Ted founded Tetzlaff Law as a practice flexibly tailored to meet the overall needs of his clients and serve to develop their diverse interests.

James (Jim) Benak - Tetzlaff Law - Chicago Lawyer

James D. Benak

James D. Benak  is an accomplished trial lawyer with multimillion dollar verdicts and settlements to his credit. Jim brings a strategic view to business litigation and transaction negotiations. Jim Benak has practiced law for 30 years at the highest levels of the profession as trial and appellate lawyer, and as corporate and public company general counsel.